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Masonry Repair

Stitching and Wall Tie Replacement

If your home has sustained water damage from flooding it is very likely, the brick veneer walls have suffered cracks. Structural cracks which often appear on walls are usually caused by foundation settlement, weathering or increased loads and stresses from flood waters and if left untreated can only degenerate.  Cracks can be corrected with crack stitching and cavity wall tie replacement. Both systems provide a modern non-disruptive solution to structural problems that alleviate the need for expensive and stressful knockdown and rebuild type repairs.

Wall Tie Replacement

Recent studies by the Building Research Establishment tells us that a high number of pre-1980 built properties are now suffering from cavity wall tie corrosion, causing affected ties to expand. These small metal wall ties that hold outer and inner cavity walls together are vital to the stability of a building and again if left untreated will cause horizontal and vertical cracking.

Benefits of the service

  • Restores structural stability
  • Removes any traces of cracks
  • Improves your peace of mind


If your property is over 25 years old, or in some cases depending on original build quality a lot younger, it may need to be repointed. By repointing you can protect your building from further deterioration, which will ultimately over time compromise the structure of your building. A quality professional will solve this problem, restoring structural integrity while transforming your properties appearance and adding to its untold value.

Repointing Repairs – Total masonry repoint of all buildings, also:

  • Chimney Stacks
  • Pillars
  • Walls


Brick Tinting is an excellent and versatile solution for many unacceptable color variations in brickwork.  By blending in areas of new or existing brickwork to the surrounding areas using masonry dye, brick tinting protects and enhances the appearance of any masonry structure. There is also a service, which can age masonry, blend in extensions or previous repair jobs and rectify inconsistencies with differing brick colors due to lousy site practice.
Tint can be used to add a feature or detailing to bland looking brickwork or tint an entire home to completely transform it if required.

Benefits of the service:

  • Improves the aesthetics of a building
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed to last

Environmentally friendly

6 Tips for Water Damage Repair

Repairing Water Damage

There is no doubt that water can cause a lot of damage to your home. There could be cracks in your foundation, which is caused by seeping and leaking water. Corrosion, rust, and mold can also spread when there are leaks in your home. Water damage repair can be stressful too, and often you would not be sure of what to do during the repairs. Not to mention it can also be costly to fix any of the damages that have been caused by water inside of your home. But there is a solution to all of your issues with water damages.


That one simple solution is prevention; you can stop water damage from happening in the first place by following these tips.

  1. Fix Leaking Pipes

One of the primary sources of water damage in your home can be water leaking pipes. Turn of the water source at the meter to stop the flow of water. Then fix leaking pipes

  1. Pump out water

Another way to clear the waters is to pump them out. A sump pump is a device that you can submerge underwater, and it pumps out all the water from your basement using a pipe or hose. It is particularly useful if you have got a flooded basement. Professionals often use these pumps to remove the water.

  1. Open the window

If the weather isn’t too humid outside, moving air outside naturally can remove the moisture in the air of your home. Opening the windows and doors can start the circulation of air around the area. Open all drawers and cabinets to dry them out too.

  1. Use a fan

High-powered fans can also help with the water damage repair Austin. These fans can be bought and even rented for as long as you need them. The sizes of these fans also vary according to the size of your area. When used they can effectively suck out any excess moisture in the air.

  1. Dehumidifiers

A way to remove the moisture from the air is to use a dehumidifier. There are different kinds of dehumidifiers, but a simple portable dehumidifier can easily take all the water vapor from the air and clear out small and contained areas like your bathroom or bedroom. When you start to dehumidify, shut all the doors, and windows. This is to avoid any moisture or vapor from seeping into your area.

  1. Use Desiccants

Desiccants like clay and silica gel can quickly absorb the moisture wherever they used. Sealing these materials in air tight containers and putting them in contained areas can help reduce the moisture there. However, This can take a long time, though, depending on how much moisture there is. Knowing these tips for correcting water damage can quickly help you overcome the high cost and difficulties dealing with all the damage in your home. It is a good idea to learn all the ways to prevent water damage and also know what to do when dealing with its consequences.

Flooded? Get Professional Help

Structural Drying

After your house has been flooded, you should call on the water damage Austin professionals to come and dry out the structure of your home. Stagnant water seeps into the structure of the home, and this may lead to the growth of mold, and compromise the structure. Here is a brief look at the process that technicians use when drying out the house.

Their Line of Thinking

With Austin water damage restoration services, the home is constantly monitored throughout the whole process. Their technicians are able to monitor the changes in the moisture from a remote location thereby acquiring immediate readings and information. This goes on throughout the day and the night. This way the technicians are able to tell which the difficult areas to dry are.

My Austin Home Flooded

The Investigation

The water damage technicians also start by checking the moisture content of various materials that have been used to build your home. This way they know how to go about drying every part of the home despite the different materials that are water soaked. They will indicate where they attained the reading, the time, and the date. This way, there is a clear record of how the work is proceeding.

Pinpointing the Cause

Our technicians will concoct a moisture-map of your home. This is critical to the process and allows for quick discussion with about the drying process. It can also be used in making claims with the insurance company or using a contractor who may have used inferior materials to build your home. The map also shows how the water moved throughout the house, and where it stagnated. It also has a diagram of the drying equipment and shows how much each room was affected. This map is a tool for easy communication with insurers, technicians, project managers, and you as the homeowner.

A Healthy Future

The flooding could also be caused by water from fire department hoses, as they try to put out a fire in your home. In this case, we will dry the house, followed by fire damage clean up, to rid the house of any hazardous material left by the fire. They also usually offer mold damage remediation services to ensure that your home is clear of any harmful fungus.

How Commercial Roof Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

Overlooking Roof Maintenance Can Be Costly

It’s unfortunate how a vast majority of times the roof maintenance of commercial buildings are ignored until there’s a significant issue, like a leak, or visible water stains on the ceiling. When an issue is finally noticed, most companies are surprised to discover they are going to being hit with a significant unplanned expense. Obviously, it’s better to catch small problems as they arise, that’s the reason knowledgeable commercial roofing contractors encourage property owners to put a regular roof maintenance program in place.

How to Schedule Roof Maintenance

Most contractors offer an annual free roofing inspection. Those who neglect to take advantage of the offer and have no maintenance program for their roof are setting themselves up for catastrophe. The longer management allows their roof to go without basic maintenance the worse the problems will be, and the shorter the life of the roof will be. If not attended to, small seemingly insignificant discrepancies turn into major issues.

Commercial Roofing Repair

Small Issues Become Huge Problems Over Time.

It’s crucial to remember, roof leaks, however small, will result in an environment ideally suited for mold to take hold and flourish. Until the leak is repaired the stagnant water will continue to expand, and the mold will continue to multiply. Over time mold can weaken the structure of the building, also to creating a serious health hazard for those occupying the building. Employees who are affected by mold spores will begin to show symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing and over time more serious effects. This leads to reduced production by employees and eventually lower revenue.

 Annual Inspection Are The Smart Thing to Do

Having an annual free inspection and the preventative maintenance will save money because small issues are taken care of before the turn into major problems. Regular maintenance will also expand the usable life of the roof. Also, companies won’t need to pay compensation to employees that get sick as a result of the expansion of mold growth in the building. Commercial property owners really should have their roofs inspected by a roof maintenance business twice and at the very least once every year.