Masonry Repair

Stitching and Wall Tie Replacement

If your home has sustained water damage from flooding it is very likely, the brick veneer walls have suffered cracks. Structural cracks which often appear on walls are usually caused by foundation settlement, weathering or increased loads and stresses from flood waters and if left untreated can only degenerate.  Cracks can be corrected with crack stitching and cavity wall tie replacement. Both systems provide a modern non-disruptive solution to structural problems that alleviate the need for expensive and stressful knockdown and rebuild type repairs.

Wall Tie Replacement

Recent studies by the Building Research Establishment tells us that a high number of pre-1980 built properties are now suffering from cavity wall tie corrosion, causing affected ties to expand. These small metal wall ties that hold outer and inner cavity walls together are vital to the stability of a building and again if left untreated will cause horizontal and vertical cracking.

Benefits of the service

  • Restores structural stability
  • Removes any traces of cracks
  • Improves your peace of mind


If your property is over 25 years old, or in some cases depending on original build quality a lot younger, it may need to be repointed. By repointing you can protect your building from further deterioration, which will ultimately over time compromise the structure of your building. A quality professional will solve this problem, restoring structural integrity while transforming your properties appearance and adding to its untold value.

Repointing Repairs – Total masonry repoint of all buildings, also:

  • Chimney Stacks
  • Pillars
  • Walls


Brick Tinting is an excellent and versatile solution for many unacceptable color variations in brickwork.  By blending in areas of new or existing brickwork to the surrounding areas using masonry dye, brick tinting protects and enhances the appearance of any masonry structure. There is also a service, which can age masonry, blend in extensions or previous repair jobs and rectify inconsistencies with differing brick colors due to lousy site practice.
Tint can be used to add a feature or detailing to bland looking brickwork or tint an entire home to completely transform it if required.

Benefits of the service:

  • Improves the aesthetics of a building
  • Maintenance free
  • Guaranteed to last

Environmentally friendly